U-DON is an app created by a group of students that uses ads while you play the game so that you can donate at no cost. 100% of the proceeds go to support. Currently, the app is available worldwide on the Apple App Store.

Download the app here:
You can also follow U-DON on Instagram here: @udon.malaysia

Many people have been posting videos on youtube that are filled with ads and will create a lot of revenue. 100% of the ad revenue this video makes through AdSense will be donated to the associations that support the #blacklivesmatter movement.

How to Stream:

1. Do NOT put this on loop or repeat once it's done. YouTube will see it as spam and won't show you ads.
2. Watch it through once. Then, watch 3 to 5 videos after of any length. Then, research this video manually and watch it through again. Make sure to watch different videos every time.
3. Do NOT watch in a playlist or a browser app. Use the youtube app.
4. Turn off ad block or youtube premium (you can make a new account or use an incognito tab)
5. Watch on at least 480p and at at least half volume. Do NOT pause or fast forward the video.
6. Watch through videos and do NOT skip them. You can click on ads as well!
7. Comment and like this video - it will tell YouTube this is something people like. Be careful with your wording, though, and avoid emojis. Censor words like "stream" "views" and etc. They will categorize you as a bot.
8. Do not clear playback or search history
9. Share this on social media! Spread the word!


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